BABSEA - Singer & Songwriter from Austria

"Let your mind loose, set yourself free"

Are the very lyrics of the Titel and one of Babsea´s songs, that define the kind of musician she is. As an Austrian born musician Babsea is a bilingual music composer, song writer and vocalist. She has worked on different projects with different people over the last years. The young charismatic vocalist explores her own thoughts and makes it a reality in her songs.  Ever since Babsea started writing her own songs she’s been consistent at contributing to the cosmos of music. She moves from sensitive to cheerful and powerful interpretations, showing strong passion, that makes her unique and pure in her singing performances.  


In fact, Babsea´s voice and lyrics are a magnetic combination that establishes extra ordinary bonds of trust and affection with the people who love her. To her audiences not only she is a musician, but a poet, an artist, an advocate for peace, a sister, and a friend. Interestingly Babsea is not an artist, who only gives to the world, but she in term allows the world to touch and mould her as well. 
Babsea´s voice is now more powerful and matured than ever. Be careful when you are listening to every bit of lyrics and tones in Babsea music, for she could convince you with her shining charism. - Ama Boamah


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BABSEA - "Statement No. 1" - 15 € 
Shipping: 2€- Austria, 3€- foreign countries


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Barbara Schutting


Tel: +43 660 653 69 63

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